Global World Connect which is the largest social network in Ghana was designed to look at the business aspect of social network. We attempt to find ways to recycle your normal activities on social media into a source of job and money that benefits you yourself. Whether you like it or not, your normal activities like chatting, posting photos, liking people’s photos, posting status updates etc. on social media which you think are nothing actually fetch a lot of money (billions of dollars) for the owners of the social media platform.

 At Global World Connect, we are looking at your social media activities in your own interest. For example, how can sharing information on social media become a source of job and money for you? How can you turn the number of likes you get on your beautiful photos and your pieces of stories into a source of job and money? How can you turn your fame on social media into a job and money for yourself?

Your photos which you post on social media are publicly available and a lot of people, even big companies download and use them free in money-making ventures yet they give you no credit or royalties for that. The truth is that many companies and other smart individuals who know how social media create jobs and money are already benefiting in terms of job and money from their daily activities on social media. Common examples are bloggers and news publication agencies. Bloggers and news publication agencies post sensitive stories on social media daily and their main purpose is to attract you to visit their website in order to generate traffic. The open secret is that, the more people visit their websites, the more traffic they get and the more money they reap from advertisers who advertise on those websites because of the website’s popularity. Many bloggers and news publication agencies including those in Ghana earn more than $1,000 a week. In advanced countries, others earn hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of their benefit for using social media and the internet wisely.

What about you?—what do you get from social media and the internet? While social media is very useful, it is easily addictive and could be very harmful to your family and financial life if you do not use it wisely.  As I.T experts from Joelizy Technology, we have designed Global World Connect to contain the major tools you need to enjoy social network and on top of that, we have included tools that can effectively motivate and empower your normal initiative and business. The nature of Global World Connect will help you to take advantage of the powerful technology of social media to turn your own harmless influence on social media into job and money for yourself. Another amazing thing is that, because of the way

Global World Connect has been designed to bring relief to Ghana, a lot of people subscribe to the service at its affordable price. The good news is that, as people subscribe for our service, we give 60% of whatever we receive back to society. This means that if you are using Global World Connect and you find it useful, you can recommend it to a friend. Anytime someone gets to know about our service through you and subscribes for it, we pay a huge commission of 60% to you. This is similar to receiving a reward from a movie producer just because you bought his movie, you found the movie was good so you recommended the movie to a friend who also bought a copy of the movie. We believe that this 60% commission we pay will also become the base of capital formation which will help several people in Ghana to enjoy some level of financial freedom and business growth.