We sell professional services of the social networks, classified ads market, and e-Commerce.

And we have made it easy so that you can aid in the sales simply by sharing a referral link to places like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other places on the internet.

If someone clicks on the referral link, the link will send the person here on this site to check out our services and if the person purchases a subscription or registers for the service, we pay you a commission of 60% as follows: 

If a person subscribes for (Personal Account) via your referral link:
1 person, earn GH₵18.
5 people, earn GH₵90.                                                                                                                             
10 people, earn GH₵180.
15 people, earn GH₵270.
20 people, earn GH₵360.
25 people, earn GH₵450.

If a person subscribes for (Business Account) via your referral link:
1 person, earn GH₵30.
10 people, earn GH₵300.
15 people, earn GH₵450.
20 people, earn GH₵600.
25 people, earn GH₵660.