The following policy provides details about qualification and duration for obtaining referral link and also about earning commission on Global World Connect.

(A) Obtaining Referral Link

Obtaining a referral link is subject to qualification. This qualification is to add to our previous effort of improving the quality of Globalworldconnet and making sure the site is useful to everyone who subscribes to it.

  1. Referral link is a Universal Resource Locator (URL) which uniquely identifies you as a member of Globalworldconnet  such that when someone clicks on the referral link, the link directs the person to the Globalworldconnet  website and the Globalworldconnet  website records details to show that the person visiting the website has landed on the site through that referral link.
  2. Referral links will not immediately be available to a newly registered user of Globalworldconnet.
  3. If a person registers, he/she will be monitored for two days.
  4. If after that, the person has made substantial use of the site and if we believe the person has good reason to recommend the service to other people aside from the expectation of the fact that he will gain money for recommending the site to people, we may approach the person and say:

    a. “We have seen your good use of the site. Do you believe the service will be useful to other people?”

    b. If he/she says “Yes”, then we may ask, “Do you wish to share your experience with others so that they may come to know about the site and determine if the service would benefit them?”

    c. If he/she says ” Yes” then we may say, “Thanks for using Globalworldconnet and here is your referral link. In case you wish to show people where to find the site, you may give them this link and if they follow the link to the site and subscribe for our service, we shall pay 60% commission to you out of whatever amount the person may spend on our site because your effort of sharing your experience with others about our service is beneficial to us and we think you deserve a share of our benefit.”

    d. But if the person responsible “No” to us — to any of our questions, we may find out where our service falls short and continue to work to improve upon its quality till most of our users find it highly useful and pleasing to share their experience about it.
  5. If after two days of a person registering for our service, we have not approached the person to discuss his/her use of the site and the possibility of the person recommending the service to others, but the person desires to recommend the service to others and earn income from doing so, the person may contact us by phone or email and let us know he is interested in recommending our service to people because he/she has benefited from the service and believes it would be beneficial to others.
  6. If we find out that indeed the person has made substantial use of our site and has good reason to recommend the service to others aside from the motivation of earning income from doing so, we may say “Thank you for using Globalworldconnet and here is your referral link as you requested”. The person will then be entitled to 60% commission of all revenue we receive as a subscription fee as a result of people coming to know about our service through the person’s referral link and subscribing to our service.
  7. If the person has requested for referral link but after reviewing the person’s use of the service, we are not convinced that the person is enjoying our service and that person mainly cares about earning money from referring people to our site, we may attempt to help the person about ethical use of our service in hopes that the person may find the service useful and if we succeed, we may say, “Thank you for using Globalworldconnet  and here is your referral link as you requested”. The person will be entitled to a commission as all other users whom we have approved to use referral link otherwise we may continue to withhold the referral link from the person till we believe it is okay to make the link available to the person according to our policies.

(B) Earning Commission from Global World Connect‘s affiliate marketing program

  1. Globalworldconnet is a broad online service and any user subscribing to use it has a wide range of features to interact with.
  2. Although we very much appreciate your effort of helping us find more customers, as stated in the terms and conditions on Globalworldconnet, it is not obligatory that you should invite another person to join Globalworldconnet or become a seller of our service.
  3. However, the referral link is available in each user’s account and you are free to not make use of it if you choose not to sell our service.
  4. The system is set to record data on your account if someone clicks on your referral link or if someone registers on Globalworldconnet via your referral or generally if someone interacts with your referral link.
  5. Such data may be recorded even if you are not directly sharing or issuing out your referral link to anyone. For example, as part of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, our system submits several links to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. People searching through the internet using these search engines may come across links that have the same parameters as the referral link in your account and if the people reach the Globalworldconnet site through these links, data may be recorded in your account.
  6. We collect such data among others for service monitoring and improvement purpose.
  7. You are free to ignore or to not interact with such data if you have chosen to not s sell our service to anyone.
  8. Among such data recorded on your account, there is a link called “Request Payment.”  If you click on “Request Payment” and follow prompts to submit requested information, the system will report to us that you are claiming responsibility for your referral link being available to people and that the people got to about our services through your conscious efforts and that you want to be compensated for your efforts in helping us make sales.
  9. Another data called commissions or earnings help us to know the number of people who subscribed to a paid account on Globalworldconnet after registering via your referral link.
  10. We shall then pay the compensation as you have requested and verified by our system.
  11. For paying compensations, we consider only the data recording on paid subscriptions occurring on Globalworldconnet through your referral link.
  12. For system performance, there is a minimum value set out to which your commission must reach before you can use the “Request Payment” feature.
  13. If you choose to help our business grow by advertising Globalworldconnet to others, it is your responsibility to claim compensation based on data recorded in your account.
  14. No data recorded in your account shall represent any form of storing money or saving money with us irrespective of how long it has been recorded.
  15. The commission we pay you is tax inclusive. It’s is your responsibility to pay your tax for receiving commissions.
  16. You are responsible for what you tell others about Globalworldconnet. Any attempt to convince others about Globalworldconnet with false information is prohibited and may lead to termination of your Globalworldconnet account and legal charges against you.
  17. Your use of Globalworldconnet should be guided by the terms and conditions on Globalworldconnet as well as the laws of Ghana.