We sell professional service of social networks, classified ads market, and e-Commerce.

And we have made it easy so that you can aid in the sales simply by sharing a referral link to places like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other places on the internet.

If someone clicks on the referral link, the link will send the person here on this site to check out our services and if the person purchases a subscription or registers for the service,, we pay you a commission of 60% as follows:

Our Dollar rate to Cedis $1.00 is equal to ₵5.00

If a person subscribes for Personal Account via your referral link:
1 person, earn GH₵12 | $2.50.
5 people, earn GH₵60 | $12.00.  
10 people, earn GH₵120 | $24.00.
15 people, earn GH₵180 | $36.00.
20 people, earn GH₵240 | $48.00.
25 people, earn GH₵300 | $60.00.

If a person subscribes for Business Account via your referral link:
1 person, earn GH₵18 | $3.60.
5 people, earn GH₵90 | $18.00.
10 people, earn GH₵180 | $36.00.
15 people, earn GH₵270 | $54.00.
20 people, earn GH₵360 | $72.00.
25 people, earn GH₵450 | $90.00.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How will Global World Connect know that someone subscribed via my referral link?

Answer: Your referral link contains your membership ID which identifies you on Global World Connect. Whenever someone clicks on the link, the system automatically retrieves the membership ID and write the relevant records in our database which you yourself can see and verify on your Global World Connect account.

Question: How much commission must I earn before I get paid?

Answer: The moment you earn GH₵5.00 | $1.00 or more, you can request for payment and get paid. There is no need to accumulate your commission. It is getting paid as you earn.

Question: How does Global World Connect pay the commission to me?

Answer: We pay the commission through the mobile number or bitcoin address you provide to us. 

Question: How do I request for payment on the commission I have earned?

Answer: Go to Global World Connect, click on “MORE“, and finally click on “Payment Request ” and choose a payment option to receive your payment within one hour.

Question: How long will it take in order to get my referral link?

Answer: For newly registered members on any of the two accounts and have used our service your referral link will be available to you.

Question: Will I pay additional fee in order to get my referral link?

Answer: No, referral link is free. You will not pay any money for it.